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The Mucker spent his life fighting. He fought his way out of the worst of Chicago's slums; he fought his way out of a jail sentence for a murder he didn't commit. Then, forced to fight for his freedom, destiny led him through a startling series of further adventures to Mexico -- and a fight for his life in the middle of a bloody revolution. Like two thieves they crept along in the shadow of the canyon wall.

THE MUCKER TRILOGY: The Mucker, The Return of a Mucker & The Oakdale Affair - eBook

Inwardly Billy cursed the darkness of the night which hid from view everything more than a few paces from them. Yet it might have been this very darkness which would help save them, since it hid them as effectually from an enemy as it hid the enemy from them.

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The Mucker by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Audiobook

Sign up Login. The ship's secret mission is to hijack a millionaire's daughter, Barbara Harding, for ransom. After a terrible storm, the ship is damaged and Billy rescues Barbara.

Mucker Capital | Los Angeles' Seed and "Pre-Seed" Stage Venture Fund

He protects her from the jungle for weeks and they fall in love. His time with Barbara imbued him with faith in the law and justice. However, he soon realizes that the system is more interested in finding someone guilty than in finding the guilty party.

Awaiting the verdict, he reads that Barbara and Mallory are about to marry. In the home of Jonas Prim, president of an Oakdale bank, a thief makes off with a servant's clothing and valuables belonging to Prim's daughter Abigail.

Ihre Vorteile

Escaping, the thief later encounters a group of hobos and is taken for one of them, the Oskaloosa Kid. Two of the hobos attempt to murder the newcomer for the loot, who shoots at one and flees. Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American writer best known for his creations of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter, although he produced works in many genres.

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Burrough’s The Mucker

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